A splendid rooftop restaurant in Pondicherry- Les Alize, Palais de Mahe | Restaurant Review

palais de mahe- main picture

A gorgeous lunch situation at Les Alize, a rooftop restaurant at Palais de Mahe in the White Town of Pondicherry.

There’s something about French cuisine you can’t resist. So when I planned my Pondicherry(Puducherry) trip I  knew this is going to be a blatant gluttony indulgence. I had planned to try out various cafes and restaurants, traipsing through the lanes of the ever so gorgeous French Colony. Amidst all the epicurean delight, one particular place pulled the strings of my heart. Thus, it deserves a dedicated detailed post. However, I plan to list down some of the cafes you shouldn’t miss while in Pondicherry in another post. For now, let’s focus on the luminary, shall we?


palais de mahe- menuLes Alize- a rooftop restaurant at Palais de Mahe

On my last day in Pondicherry, before leaving for Chennai, I decided to have lunch at Palais de Mahe. I had been eyeing this place even before landing in the White Town but somehow the plan to treat myself here delayed over the two days span and I consoled myself thinking there’s always the next time. Amidst the pool of cafes and restaurants, it’s not humanly possible to try out even the famous places in a weekend. Thankfully, a commendable decision was made at the last moment and I landed up at Les Alize– the in-house restaurant of Palais de Mahe, which is the by far the most expensive place to stay at.


palais de mahe- ambianceClassic setup at the restaurant- Gotta love the ambiance!

Les Alize, a rooftop restaurant at Palais de Mahe, deserves no special mention if we are aware of the vintage-ly rich ambiance of the hotel itself. Blending with the beauty of French architecture, the hotel dons yellow and white walls. A perfect seating arrangement at the rooftop with an open terrace gives the feel of fine dining.


palais de mahe- ambianceThe colonial setting would tempt you to grab a seat and spend hours reading!

Pro tip- Have dinner at Les Alize, Palais de Mahe. They serve the best seafood. Trust the source and you won’t regret, I promise! 🙂


I always judge a restaurant by the ambiance/decor, the presentation of food and how courteous the staff is, apart from food. This one stood the test and I devoured happily because the ambiance was classic, the staff was courteous and friendly, and I had the best meal. Although, there wasn’t a lot in terms of presentation, let’s not be the critics here! 😉


palais de mahe- ambianceSpacious seating arrangement with vintage decor.

I totally recommend this place for it’s worth the price and a value to your culinary experience.


What I Ate

I started off by ordering cocktails followed by starters and a dessert. I wanted a light lunch keeping in mind the long journey ahead but eventually ended up leaving tummy full. Such is the life of flagrant foodies!


palais de mahe-cocktails   Starting the meal with some refreshing cocktails- left one is Guava juice mixed with some spirits and the right one is the evergreen Screwdriver.

The cocktails were indeed refreshing and perfect to the taste with a nice blend of alcohol. Just like the way I wished for on a sunny afternoon after the roaming the whole White Town.

palais de mahe- mushroom spinach crepeMushroom and Spinach Crepe served with Chickpea Salad. Can you see the delicious creamy filling calling out to you? Tempting!!

Next was an authentic French crepe with Mushroom and Spinach filling served with chickpea salad. It was the most delicious crepe I ever had after the notoriously famous Banana Nutella Crepe. The creamiest filling had me order the dish twice. You see, although, I stuck with the starters I knew how to go overboard- Guilty pleasures, I tell you!

palais de mahe- lamb meat ballsMelt in the mouth Lamb Meat Balls served with Tartar Sauce. I bet you can’t just stop at one!!

Following the trend to devour the scrumptious starters, came to my plate the softest lamb meat balls my mouth has ever tasted. Melt in the mouth kinds had me brazenly order another plate. A hungry soul shall never be satisfied with just one, right? These perfectly cooked, yummiest meat balls were served with the tangiest tartar sauce and I happily licked it all 😀


palais de mahe- chocolate and caramel tartThe best Chocolate and Caramel Tart I have ever tasted!

Finally, owing to the time and the amount of food and drinks consumed, I decided to end the saga with a dessert. Okay, I am not even exaggerating but if there is a place I have tasted the best Chocolate Tart, it has to be this restaurant. Hands down! I am warning you don’t dare miss the place, you would never know what all you would miss in the name of the best food. The right mix of caramel and chocolate topped with an empowering mint taste(spot the leaf!) made the best Tart in the whole town. The end could not have been better!

I had the best meal here and this place definitely had me elated with all the good food and perfect ambiance.

Have you tried this delightful place in Pondicherry? Tell me in the comments below which restaurant had you swooning during your travels!

P.S.- If you wish to relive the French Colonial era, book yourself a room at Palais de Mahe, chill at the poolside, indulge in some serious breakfast affair at Earth Cafe and sort your lunch, dinner woes at Les Alize. Steal the deal while in Pondicherry! 😀


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82 Replies to “A splendid rooftop restaurant in Pondicherry- Les Alize, Palais de Mahe | Restaurant Review”

  1. The rooftop place and the foods are so cool.

    1. They are, Chei! The rooftop setting is perfect to leisurely spend pleasant evenings 🙂

  2. This makes me wanna go to pondicherry 😀

    1. It is bad manners to keep a vacation waiting, Akash 😉

  3. That chocolate tarte look so yummy! I had my all time favorite chocolate tart at a small cafe in Paris. I’ve been back on all my visits to Paris and ordered multiple! I also love the atmosphere of restaurants. It adds so much to the meal ambiance.

    1. Thanks, Colby! The mere mention of Paris and your favourite tart had me dreaming(also drooling 😛 )

  4. Oh my gosh that caramel tart!! I haven’t been to France in years. Thank you for sharing your trip with us 🙂

    1. I think this calls for a trip to France or Pondicherry 😉 I am glad you liked the post, Sandi 😀

  5. Wow! I’ve heard about how nice Pondicherry is and would love to go back to India one day and check this place out. Seeing your photos of this restaurant in Pondicherry looks absolutely quaint and charming! Will be bookmarking!

    1. Hey, Jin- Pondicherry is indeed a nice place to spend some days lazying around the beaches and munching on French delicacies. You would definitely love the vibe. Do drop a line whenever you visit 😀

  6. Sue Tanya McHorgh says: Reply

    I like the name Pondicherry. I would love to visit 🙂

    1. Sue- It has been renamed Puducherry by the government but I love referring the old one. I am sure you will enjoy your stint here, whenever you decide to visit 😀

  7. My goodness this is so cute!! What a splendid way to spend an afternoon!

    1. Hey, Kelly! If I had more days I would have savoured all my meals here 😛

  8. Looks like a great place to eat. I could definitely go for that chocolate tart. The ambiance seems really nice too. Definitely consider this place if ever in that region of the world.

    1. Haha, Stephanie- travelling all the way this far for a tart, I sure you won’t be disappointed. Also, the drinks are cheaper here. So, you got another reason 😉

  9. When I saw your first photo I thought it so reminded me of Vientiane, Laos! But turns out it is in Pondicherry! Love that name, although I never really hear stories about it, so well done on writing this great article! ( makes me hungry 😉 )

    1. Thank you so much Jo 😀 I am so happy you liked the article!

  10. Ooh a savoury crepe! I’ve always just chosen crepes for dessert not for a starter but the next time I see one on the menu I’m so going to try! Love the cocktail flavours too.

    1. Natalie, that was the twist! Even I had Nutella Crepe for dessert but this one was a packed starter piece.

  11. Looks so palatable! Yummy mushroom and spinach crepe served with chickpea salad. And that caramel tart, oh my.. looks so good.

    1. Thanks a lot, Elizabeth! The dishes were indeed delectable 🙂

  12. The pictures look so mouth watering, i really wanna go there and try the cocktails especially

    1. Oh, you should definitely!! 😀

  13. I like the beautiful restaurant area, very airy and plenty of space between the tables. The food looks very yummy as well, I would love to try the mushroom crepes.

    1. Thank you, Joanna! 😀

  14. Looks so pleasant, and the food must be tasty. And one more thing – I just love that menu design, it’s so elegant and vintage, lovely! 🙂

    1. Love your observation, Danijela! That’s the whole point of including the picture, the menu card had a nice vintagey feel resembling the ambiance 😀

  15. I had visited Pondicherry last Nov. was so impressed by the food options available there. Love this restaurant’s vibe, although I missed dining here.

    1. There is madness in the name of restaurants and cafes, Tanvi 😀 There are way too many options to try and luckily, I love such madness. You should visit again to add some savory delights to your experience 🙂

  16. looks like comfort food! 🙂 would love to have a meal here and just relax! 😀

  17. I could literally reach out and grab that tart! Looks so delicious! I love French cuisine! I haven’t fine dined in ages and before I had my son we would always end up in a French restaurant!

  18. Eating on the rooftop sounds lovely! I love seafood too. I had some amazing seafood at some random restaurants in the Algarve in Portugal. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the names!

  19. Seems like a top location with top food

  20. Those crepes look so delicious! I’m also intrigued by the lamb meatballs. I’ve never had lamb at all. Is it a dark meat or white meat?

  21. Absolutely love the architecture and it suits the location. There is something inherently charming about eating in the open and when the surroundings are so pretty, it certainly adds to the experience. The chocolate tart looks divine and the food sounds really delicious. Definitely going to visit whenever I am there.

  22. This restaurant looks so lovely! Always love the rooftop aspect; can’t beat dinner and a view! That chocolate & caramel tart looks fantastic. So jealous!

  23. I want to go now just for that chocolate tart! I have so many fond memories of France growing up. You have made me want to book a trip now.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely post.

  24. Roof top restaurant sounds more tempting than the French name…;) 😉

  25. The decor is appealing. Not to mention the lovely food pictures. Makes me want to go there right away for their chocolate tart !

  26. I would love to visit this restaurant! It looks like you had quite the tasty experience.

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  29. Loving the looks of this restaurant. Cant beat a roof top restaurant with a good view (as long as the food is good of course) 🙂

  30. Alice Boswell says: Reply

    The place looks great. The chocolate tart looks yummy. It reminds me of a chocolate lava tart I had last week 🙂

  31. This food looks so amazing. I’m not surprised it was the best ever since the French know what they are doing. What a delightful hotel/restaurant.

  32. looks like a lovely restaurant! I wouldn’t mind tasting that tart 🙂 – I like French food too.

  33. This is amazing, I never imagined a French colony in India. Besides reading about this cool restaurant I learned something new about India… I love dining al fresco and even better if it’s a rooftop.

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  40. oh those French crepes with Mushroom and Spinach filling sound amazing and certainly something i would order. Glad you managed to squeeze in some time to visit before you left, there is nothing worse than missing visiting something on a trip because of time

  41. Pondy is my favorite city. I used to frequent there when I was living in Chennai about 10 years ago. Spent a good amount of time there recently during my all India trip. Pondy always surprises me; the food, the cafes and the people. I will make sure to checkout Les Alize next time I’m in Pondy. Thanks for the article!

  42. We are going to Chennai soon, unfortunately we won’t make it to Pondicherry, maybe next time. It looks amazing!

  43. This looks like an awesome place to eat. I love the bright building and open dining room. It seems like they have tasty vegetarian options which is a plus. I will keep it in mind if I ever visit Pondicherry.

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  46. I love French cuisine! This restaurant looks so quaint! Love the exterior. Very chic! Food looks yummy.

    1. What a beautiful place to have a meal. I’m a little jealous I haven’t been yet

  47. My husband and I love little cafes. If we’re ever lucky enough to visit, we’d order Mushroom and Spinach Crepes (for her) and Lamb Meat Balls (for him). x

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  52. Up Run for Life says: Reply

    Yum, the food here looks amazing. I can say that I have had chickpea salad or lamb meatballs. I would try anything once especially that chocolate tart. *drooling*

  53. What a gorgeous place! And I cannot tell you how many times I have gone out for cocktails, starters, and desserts! I thought it was odd but love doing it. Glad to know I am not alone

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  62. Johnkennedy Jatto says: Reply

    the food looks great

  63. This place has an amazing ambiance with some finger licking food. That makes you feel like you are in a small French village, with its pleasant decor and yellow walls.

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